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Hilbert Transform: from fundamentals to some applications

1 February, 2014

Authors: M. Feldman & S. Braun
Source: The 4th International Conference on Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations (CMMN0'2014), Lyon (France), 2014
Abstract: Basic and fundamental aspects of the Hilbert Transform are briefly      presented.      This is followed by comparisons to other Time-Frequency      representation,      summarizing both advantages and limitations. The by now classic      application to      modulated signals is briefly shown. 
Some important and powerful application to the analysis signal and      systems      encountered in vibration engineering are shown. These include      decompositions of      fast varying function, and also non-stationary multicomponent      vibrations.      Applications to non-linear vibrating systems are next presented:      Non-parametric      extraction of the modal parameters including initial nonlinear,      non-symmetric      and time-varying elastic and damping force characteristics.