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Nonlinear vibrating system identification via Hilbert decomposition

13 April, 2016

Authors: Michael Feldman, Simon Braun
Source: Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2016


This paper deals with the identification of nonlinear vibration systems, based on measured signals for free and forced vibration regimes. Two categories of time domain signal are analyzed, one of a fast inter-modulation signal and a second as composed of several mono-components. To some extent, this attempts to imitate analytic studies of such systems, with its two major analysis groups – the perturbation and the harmonic balance methods.

Two appropriate signal processing methods are then investigated, one based on demodulation and the other on signal decomposition. The Hilbert Transform (HT) has been shown to enable effective and simple methods of analysis. We show that precise identification of the nonlinear parameters can be obtained, contrary to other average HT based methods where only approximation parameters are obtained. The effectiveness of the proposed methods is demonstrated for the precise nonlinear system identification, using both the signal demodulation and the signal decomposition methods.

Following the exposition of the tools used, both the signal demodulation as well as decomposition are applied to classical examples of nonlinear systems. Cases of nonlinear stiffness and damping forces are analyzed. These include, among other, an asymmetric Helmholtz oscillator, a backlash with nonlinear turbulent square friction, and a Duffing oscillator with dry friction.