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WP1 - Wafer Handling

WP1 - Wafer Handling

The physical size difference of the larger wafer necessitates updated handling methods. This is due to the additional weight which strains and deforms wafers. The greater size and mass requires updated methods for wafer translation (drift) and increased settling time. Thermal effects of the larger wafer also have to be taken into account.

Simply scaling current 300 mm stage technology to a 450mm generation is not feasible. Direct scaling would result in stages which are too large and heavy. They will also suffer from high thermal heat loads from the actuator systems to the substrate. Increased thermal heat loads acting upon larger wafers with over twice the processing (exposure) time, will cause serious thermal grid distortion issues, for which advanced temperature control is required.

Also, inferior positioning performance in 450mm stages is expected, due to lower natural frequency and internal flexibilities of the larger substrate carrier



The goal for this work group is to demonstrate, after 3 years, a fast, accurate 450mm metrology platform: A 450mm ultra-clean handler, a damage-free chuck and accurate and clean wafer positioning XYZ stages, which enable high resolution CD, WI and thin-film metrology. The goal is to have an end-effector to handle a 450mm wafer x2.5 faster, without damage and with fewer particles added.