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WP5 - Fast Data Collection and Processing

WP5 - Fast Data Collection and Processing

While the accuracy of measurement increases and the scan area increases, the metrology tool will need to complete its scan within the same timeframe as in 300mm wafers. With an increase in wafer size from 300mm to 450mm, this means that the actual scanning will need to be 2.25 times faster in order to accomplish the same wafer scan rate. Moreover, by the time 450mm wafers come on line, the next node size will be reached.  This means that the number of scan points will increase significantly, over and above the move to 450mm.  Such an increased scanning rate and quantity will require much faster computation and data transfer mechanisms by at least an order of magnitude beyond current computation needs. Even if new sampling methods will be found to reduce the sampling time somewhat, there will still be a significant increase in overall computing need.

Total throughput is dependent upon the slowest link in the process.  This means that grabbing the data has to be fast, memory fast, memory to processor transfer fast and the actual processing very fast.  The results of the scan need to be kept in memory before calculations take place.  This leads to possibly requiring the memory to be close to the processors, or else to have a rapid memory to processor transfer solution. This work package covers the hardware and low-level software design for both the processing elements and the data collection part.


The goal for this work group is to demonstrate working hardware and software for a 450mm wafer metrology computing platform. It is expected that such a platform will be scalable and adaptive to the various companies’ applications.  For example, wafer inspection is associated with rapid data transfer and processing immense data; CD metrology is associated with complex on-the-fly mathematical modeling. The solution will be based on commercial components for cost effectiveness, reliability and duration.