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Industrial Members

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.


P.O. Box 266, Weizmann Science Park, Rehovot 7610201, Israel

About Nova

Nova Measuring Instruments is a leading provider of high -performance Optical CD solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, in both integrated and stand-alone configurations, and is the market leader and pioneer in integrated process control solutions.

Nova repeatedly leads the industry in introducing advanced Optical CD capabilities through unique algorithmic innovations and robust high-precision optical design.

Nova strives to provide unique value to its customers through close collaboration and long term partnership, enabling fast response to changing process control requirements.


Nova offers a selection of integrated and Stand-Alone metrology platforms, which are complimented by the powerful NovaMARS® modeling engine. This flexible offering enables Nova to partner with semiconductor manufacturers throughout the entire product lifecycle; from application development to high-volume production.

Featuring a unique combination of Spectroscopic Reflectometry and Scatterometry, Nova’s metrology solutions measure a wide variety of features and parameters including CD, trench depth, photoresist height, thickness and shape of complex layer stacks. With Nova, you get the tight wafer-to-wafer and within-wafer control necessary to develop and produce advanced 2D/3D structures for high-end semiconductor devices.

Founded in 1993, Nova’s headquarters are located in Israel and the company has offices in Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China, United States, Japan and Europe.


Nova and 450

Nova is an active partner in multiple 450mm programs including the Israeli Metro 450 consortium, the European Eniac 450 program and the G450C consortium in New York State. Our activities include participation in the different working groups that are contributing to the definition of standards and working methods that will ensure a smooth transition from 300mm to 450mm production and provide process control and metrology solutions that meet the technology challenges and technical requirement introduced in 450mm advanced technology nodes.

The Nova 450mm program is also directly linked to our product delivery roadmap aiming at providing industry leading metrology solutions for the 450mm era. As part of this program we are working closely with the WW industry 450 consortia groups as well as with OEM process equipment providers to deliver high performance Integrated and Stand-Alone metrology tools according to 450mm industry roadmap timeline and the needs of the leading 450mm Semiconductor manufacturing companies. As part of this activity, Nova already introduced the first 450mm metrology tool during 2012 and up-to-date delivered several 450mm tools that are used in R&D centers and are capable to measure accurately blanket and patterned 450mm wafers.

Looking ahead, some of the key guidelines in our metrology tool design for 450mm include:

  1. High-End metrology performance for sub 10nm technology nodes.
  2. Meeting 450mm key technical specification requirements for enhanced throughput, precision and accuracy.
  3. Complete portfolio of metrology solutions including Integrated and Stand-Alone metrology that support the full span of metrology needs in multiple process steps across the FAB with high productivity, reliability and best tool-to-tool matching.
  4. Commonality between our 300mm and 450mm solutions that will support a smooth transition for to 450mm production.
  5. Best Cost-of-Ownership and extendibility for future technology nodes.

As a leading metrology vendor, Nova is highly committed to 450mm industry collaboration activities and to delivery of innovative metrology solutions according to 450mm roadmap timelines.